string/tuple = WNetGetUniversalName(localPath, infoLevel )

Takes a drive-based path for a network resource and returns an information structure that contains a more universal form of the name.


localPath : string

A string that is a drive-based path for a network resource.
For example, if drive H has been mapped to a network drive share, and the network resource of interest is a file named SAMPLE.DOC in the directory \\WIN32\\EXAMPLES on that share, the drive-based path is H:\\WIN32\\EXAMPLES\\SAMPLE.DOC.


Specifies the type of structure that the function stores in the buffer pointed to by the lpBuffer parameter. This parameter can be one of the following values.

Value Meaning
UNIVERSAL_NAME_INFO_LEVEL (=1)The function returns a simple string with the UNC name.
REMOTE_NAME_INFO_LEVEL (=2)The function returns a tuple based in the Win32 REMOTE_NAME_INFO data structure.

Return Value

If the infoLevel parameter is REMOTE_NAME_INFO_LEVEL, the result is a tuple of 3 strings: (UNCName, connectionName, remainingPath)