PyCStatusBar = CreateStatusBar(parent, style , windowId , ctrlStype )

Creates a statusbar object.


parent : PyCWnd

The parent window for the status bar.

style=afxres.WS_CHILD | afxres.WS_VISIBLE | afxres.CBRS_BOTTOM : int

The style for the status bar.

windowId=afxres.AFX_IDW_STATUS_BAR : int

The child window ID.

ctrlStype=0 : int

Additional styles for the creation of the embedded PyCStatusBarCtrl object.
Status bar styles supported are:
commctrl.SBARS_SIZEGRIP - The status bar control includes a sizing grip at the right end of the status bar. A sizing grip is similar to a sizing border; it is a rectangular area that the user can click and drag to resize the parent window.
commctrl.SBT_TOOLTIPS - The status bar supports tooltips.


You must ensure no 2 status bars share the same ID.

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