PyCFileDialog = CreateFileDialog(bFileOpen, defExt , fileName , flags , filter , parent )

Creates a File Open/Save/etc Common Dialog. self*/, PyObject *args )


bFileOpen : int

A flag indicating if the Dialog is a FileOpen or FileSave dialog.

defExt=None : string

The default file extension for saved files. If None, no extension is supplied.

fileName=None : string

The initial filename that appears in the filename edit box. If None, no filename initially appears.

flags=win32con.OFN_HIDEREADONLY|win32con.OFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT : int

The flags for the dialog. See the API documentation for full details.

filter=None : string

A series of string pairs that specify filters you can apply to the file. If you specify file filters, only selected files will appear in the Files list box. The first string in the string pair describes the filter; the second string indicates the file extension to use. Multiple extensions may be specified using ';' as the delimiter. The string ends with two '|' characters. May be None.

parent=None : PyCWnd

The parent or owner window of the dialog.