(PyUnicode,...) = DsGetSpn(ServiceType, ServiceClass , ServiceName , InstancePort , InstanceNames , InstancePorts )

Compose one or more service principal names to be registered using win32security::DsWriteAccountSpn


ServiceType : int

Type of Spn to create, one of the DS_SPN_* constants

ServiceClass : PyUnicode

Arbitrary string that describes type of service, eg http

ServiceName : PyUnicode

Name of service, can be None (not required for DS_SPN_*_HOST Spn's)

InstancePort=0 : int

Port nbr for service instance, use 0 for no port

InstanceNames=None : (PyUnicode,...)

A sequence of service instance names, can be None - not required for for host Spn's

InstancePorts=None : (int,...)

A sequence of extra instance ports. If specified, must be same length as InstanceNames.