int, int = Dial(dialExtensions, fileName , RasDialParams , callback )

Establishes a RAS connection to a RAS server.



An object providing the RASDIALEXTENSIONS information, or None

fileName : string

Specifies the filename of the phonebook entry, or None. Ignored on Win95.


A tuple describing a RASDIALPARAMS structure.

callback : method or hwnd

The method to be called when RAS events occur, or None. If not None, the function must have the signature of win32ras::RasDialFunc1


Note - this handle must be closed using win32ras::HangUp, or else the RAS port will remain open, even after the program has terminated. Your operating system may need rebooting to clean up otherwise!

Win32 API References

Search for RasDial at msdn, google or google groups.

Return Value

The return value is (handle, retCode).
It is possible for a valid handle to be returned even on failure.
If the returned handle is = 0, then it can be assumed invalid.