string/buffer = TransactNamedPipe(pipeName, writeData , buffer/bufSize , overlapped )

Combines the functions that write a message to and read a message from the specified named pipe into a single network operation.


pipeName : PyUNICODE

The name of the pipe.

writeData : string/buffer

The data to write to the pipe.

buffer/bufSize : PyOVERLAPPEDReadBuffer/int

Size of the buffer to create for the result, or a buffer to fill with the result. If a buffer object and overlapped is passed, the result is the buffer itself. If a buffer but no overlapped is passed, the result is a new string object, built from the buffer, but with a length that reflects the data actually read.

overlapped=None : PyOVERLAPPED

An overlapped structure or None


This function is modelled on win32file::ReadFile - for overlapped operations you are expected to provide a buffer which will be filled asynchronously.