string = CallNamedPipe(pipeName, data , bufSize , timeOut )

Opens and performs a transaction on a named pipe.


pipeName : PyUNICODE

The name of the pipe.

data : string

The data to write.

bufSize : int

The size of the result buffer to allocate for the read.

timeOut : int

Specifies the number of milliseconds to wait for the named pipe to be available. In addition to numeric values, the following special values can be specified.

Value Meaning
win32pipe.NMPWAIT_NOWAITDoes not wait for the named pipe. If the named pipe is not available, the function returns an error.
win32pipe.NMPWAIT_WAIT_FOREVERWaits indefinitely.
win32pipe.NMPWAIT_USE_DEFAULT_WAITUses the default time-out specified in a call to the CreateNamedPipe function.