([dict, ...], total, resumeHandle) = NetShareEnum(server, level , resumeHandle , prefLen )

Retrieves information about each shared resource on a server.


server : string/PyUnicode

The name of the server, or None.

level : int

The level of data required.

resumeHandle=0 : int

A resume handle. See the return description for more information.


The preferred length of the data buffer.

Alternative Parameters


The name of the server on which the call should execute, or None for the local computer.


If the old style is used, the result is a list of [(shareName, type, remarks), ...]

Win32 API References

Search for NetShareEnum param 1 is not declared as const :-( at msdn, google or google groups.

Return Value

The result is a list of items read (with each item being a dictionary of format PySHARE_INFO_*, depending on the level parameter), the total available, and a new "resume handle". The first time you call this function, you should pass zero for the resume handle. If more data is available than what was returned, a new non-zero resume handle will be returned, which can be used to call the function again to fetch more data. This process may repeat, each time with a new resume handle, until zero is returned for the new handle, indicating all the data has been read.