PyHINTERNET = FtpOpenFile(hConnect, FileName , Access , Flags , Context )

Initiates access to a remote file on an FTP server for reading or writing.


hConnect : PyHINTERNET

Valid HINTERNET handle to an FTP session.

FileName : string

The name of the file to access on the remote system.

Access : int

Integer value that determines how the file will be accessed. This can be GENERIC_READ or GENERIC_WRITE, but not both.

Flags : int

Integer value that contains the conditions under which the transfers occur. The application should select one transfer type and any of the flags that indicate how the caching of the file will be controlled. The transfer type can be one of the FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE* values

Context=None : object

Arbitrary object that will be passed to handle's callback function


Accepts keyword args