PyHINTERNET = FtpCommand(Connect, ExpectResponse , Flags , Command , Context )

Allows an application to send commands directly to an FTP server.



Valid HINTERNET handle to an FTP session.

ExpectResponse : bool

Boolean value that indicates whether or not the application expects a response from the FTP server. This must be set to True if a response is expected, or False otherwise.

Flags : int

Unsigned long integer value that contains the flags that control this function. This can be set to either FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_ASCII or FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY

Command : string

The command to send to the FTP server.

Context=None : object

Arbitrary object to be passed to callback


This function may cause a crash on 32-bit XP and Vista due to an internal error in win32inet.dll.

Accepts keyword args