(PyUrlCacheHANDLE, dict) = FindFirstUrlCacheEntryEx(SearchPattern, Flags , Filter , GroupId )

Initiates an enumeration of the browser cache


SearchPattern=None : str

Type of entry to find, can be 'visited:', 'cookie:', or None

Flags=0 : int

None currently defined

Filter=0 : int

Types of entries to return, combination of *_CACHE_ENTRY values

GroupId=0 : int

Cache group to enumerate, use 0 for all


Accepts keyword args

Win32 API References

Search for FindFirstUrlCacheEntryEx at msdn, google or google groups.

Return Value

Returns a handle that can be passed to win32inet::FindNextUrlCacheEntry, and a dict containing information for the first entry found. Throws error code ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS if no items are found.