UpdateLayeredWindow(hwnd, hdcDst, ptDst, size, hdcSrc, ptSrc, Key, blend, Flags)

Updates the position, size, shape, content, and translucency of a layered window.


hwnd : PyHANDLE

handle to layered window

hdcDst=None : PyHANDLE

handle to screen DC, can be None. *Must* be None if hdcSrc is None

ptDst=None : (x,y)

New screen position, can be None.

size=None : (cx, cy)

New size of the layered window, can be None. *Must* be None if hdcSrc is None.

hdcSrc=None : int

handle to surface DC for the window, can be None

ptSrc=None : (x,y)

layer position, can be None. *Must* be None if hdcSrc is None.

Key=0 : int

Color key, generate using win32api::RGB

blend=(0,0,255,0) : (int, int, int, int)

PyBLENDFUNCTION specifying alpha blending parameters

Flags=0 : int

One of the win32con.ULW_* values. Use 0 if hdcSrc is None.


This function is only available on Windows 2000 and later

Accepts keyword arguments.