StretchBlt(hdcDest, x, y, width, height, hdcSrc, nXSrc, nYSrc, nWidthSrc, nHeightSrc, dwRop)

Copies a bitmap from a source rectangle into a destination rectangle, stretching or compressing the bitmap to fit the dimensions of the destination rectangle, if necessary


hdcDest : int

handle to destination DC

x : int

x-coord of destination upper-left corner

y : int

y-coord of destination upper-left corner

width : int

width of destination rectangle

height : int

height of destination rectangle

hdcSrc : int

handle to source DC

nXSrc : int

x-coord of source upper-left corner

nYSrc : int

y-coord of source upper-left corner

nWidthSrc : int

width of source rectangle

nHeightSrc : int

height of source rectangle

dwRop : int

raster operation code