int,PyRECT = ScrollWindowEx(hWnd, dx , dy , rcScroll , rcClip , hrgnUpdate , flags )

scrolls the content of the specified window's client area.


hWnd : int

handle to window to scroll

dx : int

Amount of horizontal scrolling, in device units

dy : int

Amount of vertical scrolling, in device units

rcScroll : PyRECT

Scroll rectangle, can be None for entire client area

rcClip : PyRECT

Clipping rectangle, can be None

hrgnUpdate : PyGdiHandle

Handle to region which will be updated with area invalidated by scroll operation, can be None

flags : int

Scrolling flags, combination of SW_ERASE,SW_INVALIDATE,SW_SCROLLCHILDREN,SW_SMOOTHSCROLL. If SW_SMOOTHSCROLL is specified, use upper 16 bits to specify time in milliseconds.

Return Value

Returns the type of region invalidated by scrolling, and a rectangle defining the affected area.