MaskBlt(Dest, XDest, YDest, Width, Height, Src, XSrc, YSrc, Mask, xMask, yMask, Rop)

Combines the color data for the source and destination bitmaps using the specified mask and raster operation.



Destination device context handle

XDest : int

X pos of dest rect

YDest : int

Y pos of dest rect

Width : int

Width of rect to be copied

Height : int

Height of rect to be copied


Source DC handle

XSrc : int

X pos of src rect

YSrc : int

Y pos of src rect

Mask : PyGdiHANDLE

Handle to monochrome bitmap used to mask color

xMask : int

X pos in mask

yMask : int

Y pos in mask

Rop : int

Foreground and background raster operations. See MSDN docs for how to construct this value.


This function is not supported on Win9x.

Win32 API References

Search for MaskBlt at msdn, google or google groups.