DrawIconEx(hDC, xLeft, yTop, hIcon, cxWidth, cyWidth, istepIfAniCur, hbrFlickerFreeDraw, diFlags)

Draws an icon or cursor into the specified device context, performing the specified raster operations, and stretching or compressing the icon or cursor as specified.


hDC : int

handle to device context

xLeft : int

x-coord of upper left corner

yTop : int

y-coord of upper left corner

hIcon : int

handle to icon

cxWidth : int

icon width

cyWidth : int

icon height

istepIfAniCur : int

frame index, animated cursor

hbrFlickerFreeDraw : PyGdiHANDLE

handle to background brush, can be None

diFlags : int

icon-drawing flags (win32con.DI_*)