ArcTo(hdc, LeftRect, TopRect, RightRect, BottomRect, XRadial1, YRadial1, XRadial2, YRadial2)

Draws an arc defined by an ellipse and 2 radials


hdc : PyHANDLE

Device context on which to draw

LeftRect : int

Left limit of ellipse

TopRect : int

Top limit of ellipse

RightRect : int

Right limit of ellipse

BottomRect : int

Bottom limit of ellipse

XRadial1 : int

Horizontal pos of Radial1 endpoint

YRadial1 : int

Vertical pos of Radial1 endpoint

XRadial2 : int

Horizontal pos of Radial2 endpoint

YRadial2 : int

Vertical pos of Radial2 endpoint


Draws exactly as win32gui::Arc, but changes current drawing position