int = ShellExecute(hwnd, op , file , params , dir , bShow )

Opens or prints a file.


hwnd : PyHANDLE

The handle of the parent window, or 0 for no parent. This window receives any message boxes an application produces (for example, for error reporting).

op : string

The operation to perform. May be "open", "print", or None, which defaults to "open".

file : string

The name of the file to open.

params : string

The parameters to pass, if the file name contains an executable. Should be None for a document file.

dir : string

The initial directory for the application.

bShow : int

Specifies whether the application is shown when it is opened. If the lpszFile parameter specifies a document file, this parameter is zero.

Win32 API References

Search for ShellExecute at msdn, google or google groups.

Return Value

The instance handle of the application that was run. (This handle could also be the handle of a dynamic data exchange [DDE] server application.) If there is an error, the method raises an exception.