int = GetKeyState(key)

Retrieves the status of the specified key.


key : int

Specifies a virtual key. If the desired virtual key is a letter or digit (A through Z, a through z, or 0 through 9), key must be set to the ASCII value of that character. For other keys, it must be a virtual-key code.


The key status returned from this function changes as a given thread reads key messages from its message queue. The status does not reflect the interrupt-level state associated with the hardware. Use the win32api::GetAsyncKeyState method to retrieve that information.

Win32 API References

Search for GetKeyState at msdn, google or google groups.

Return Value

The return value specifies the status of the given virtual key. If the high-order bit is 1, the key is down; otherwise, it is up. If the low-order bit is 1, the key is toggled. A key, such as the CAPS LOCK key, is toggled if it is turned on. The key is off and untoggled if the low-order bit is 0. A toggle key's indicator light (if any) on the keyboard will be on when the key is toggled, and off when the key is untoggled.