PyRasGetEapUserIdentity(phoneBook, entry, flags, hwnd)

Sets the dial parameters for the specified entry.


phoneBook : string

string containing the full path of the phone-book (PBK) file. If this parameter is None, the function will use the system phone book.

entry : string

string containing an existing entry name.

flags : int

Specifies zero or more of the following flags that qualify the authentication process.

Flag Description
RASEAPF_NonInteractiveSpecifies that the authentication protocol should not bring up a graphical user-interface. If this flag is not present, it is okay for the protocol to display a user interface.
RASEAPF_LogonSpecifies that the user data is obtained from Winlogon.
RASEAPF_PreviewSpecifies that the user should be prompted for identity information before dialing.

hwnd=None : PyHANDLE

Handle to the parent window for the UI dialog.

Win32 API References

Search for RasGetEapUserIdentity at msdn, google or google groups.