PyHTHEME = OpenThemeData(hwnd, pszClassList )

Open the theme data for the specified HWND and semi-colon separated list of class names.
OpenThemeData() will try each class name, one at a time, and use the first matching theme info found. If a match is found, a theme handle to the data is returned. If no match is found, a "NULL" handle is returned.
When the window is destroyed or a WM_THEMECHANGED msg is received, _winxptheme::CloseThemeData should be called to close the theme handle.


hwnd : int

Window handle of the control/window to be themed

pszClassList : string

Class name (or list of names) to match to theme data section. if the list contains more than one name, the names are tested one at a time for a match. If a match is found, OpenThemeData() returns a theme handle associated with the matching class. This param is a list (instead of just a single class name) to provide the class an opportunity to get the "best" match between the class and the current theme. For example, a button might pass L"OkButton, Button" if its ID=ID_OK. If the current theme has an entry for OkButton, that will be used. Otherwise, we fall back on the normal Button entry.