TV_ITEM Object

Describes a TV_ITEM tuple, used by the PyCListCtrl object. A tuple of 8 items:
When returned from a win32ui function, will always be a tuple of size 8, and items may be None if not available.
When passed to a win32ui function, the tuple may be any length up to 8, and any item may be None.


[0] int : hItem

Item handle

[1] int : state

Item state. If specified, the stateMask must also be specified.

[2] int : stateMask

Item state mask

[3] string : text

Item text

[4] int : iImage

Image list index of icon for non-seleted state.

[5] int : iSelectedImage

Offset of items selected image.

[6] int : cChildren

Number of child items.

[7] int : lParam

User defined integer param.