Source Safe Integration

Note you will need to restart Pythonwin for this option to take effect.

Before using the VSS integration, you must create a "mssccprj.scc" file in the directory, or a parent directory, of the files you wish to integrate. There are no limits on how many of these files exist. This is the same name and format as VB uses for VSS integration - a Windows INI file.

This file must have a section [Python] with entry "Project=ProjectName". The project name is the name of the VSS project used to check the out the file. If the .scc file is in a parent directory, the correct relative VSS path is built - so if your file system matches your VSS structure, you only need a single .scc file in the VSS "root" directory.

For example, assuming you have the file c:\\src\\mssccprj.scc with the contents:
The file c:\\src\\ will be checked out from project OurProject, c:\\src\\sub\\ will be checked out from project OurProject\\sub, etc.