A tuple representing a Win32 shell SHFILEOPSTRUCT structure, used with shell::SHFileOperation


From and To can contain multiple file names concatenated with a single null between them, eg "c:\\file1.txt\\0c:\\file2.txt". A double null terminator will be appended automatically. If To specifies multiple file names, flags must contain FOF_MULTIDESTFILES


[0] int : hwnd

Handle of window in which to display status messages

[1] int : wFunc

One of the shellcon.FO_* values

[2] str/unicode : From

String containing source file name(s) separated by nulls

[3] str/unicode : To

String containing destination file name(s) separated by nulls, can be None

[4] int : flags

Combination of shellcon.FOF_* flags. Default=0

[5] None : NameMappings

Maps input file names to their new names. This is actually output, and must be None if passed as input. Default=None

[6] string : ProgressTitle

Title for progress dialog (flags must contain FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS). Default=None