A tuple that describes a Win32 RASDIALPARAMS structure


When used as a parameter, RASDIALPARAMS must be a sequence, of up to 6 items long. All items must be strings - None is not allowed.
When this is returned from a RAS function, all six fields will exist.
RAS will often accept an empty string to mean "default" - ie, passing an empty string to phoneNumber uses the stored phone number.


[0] string : entryName

name of RAS entry.

[1] string : phoneNumber

phone number to be used.

[2] string : callBackNumber

phone number to be used if callback is enabled.

[3] string : userName

username to log on with.

[4] string : password

password to use

[5] string : domain

Network domain to log on to.


An example with win32ras.Dial

handle = win32ras.Dial(None, None, ("Entry Name",), None)