A dictionary holding the infomation in a Win32 WKSTA_TRANSPORT_INFO_0 structure.


int quality_of_service
Supplies a value that specifies the search order of the transport protocol with respect to other transport protocols. The highest value is searched first.

int number_of_vcs
Specifies the number of clients communicating with the server using this transport protocol.

string/PyUnicode transport_name
Specifies the device name of the transport protocol.

string/PyUnicode transport_address
Specifies the address of the server on this transport protocol.

bool wan_ish
This member is ignored by the NetWkstaTransportAdd function. For the NetWkstaTransportEnum function, this member indicates that this transport protocol is a WAN transport protocol. This member is set TRUE for NetBIOS/TCIP; it is set FALSE for NetBEUI and NetBIOS/IPX.