Tuple used to fill a NOTIFYICONDATA struct as used with win32gui::Shell_NotifyIcon

Win32 API References

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[0] PyHANDLE : hWnd

Handle to window that will process icon's messages

[1] int : ID

Unique id used when hWnd processes messages from more than one icon

[2] int : Flags

Combination of win32gui.NIF_* flags

[3] int : CallbackMessage

Message id to be pass to hWnd when processing messages

[4] PyHANDLE : hIcon

Handle to the icon to be displayed

[5] str : Tip

Tooltip text (optional)

[6] str : Info

Balloon tooltip text (optional)

[7] int : Timeout

Timeout for balloon tooltip, in milliseconds (optional)

[8] str : InfoTitle

Title for balloon tooltip (optional)

[9] int : InfoFlags

Combination of win32gui.NIIF_* flags (optional)