PyIStorage = OpenStorage(pwcsName, pstgPriority , grfMode , snbExclude , reserved )

Opens an existing storage object with the specified name in the specified access mode.


pwcsName : string

Name of the storage, or None.

pstgPriority : PyIStorage

If the pstgPriority parameter is not None, it is a PyIStorage object to a previous opening of an element of the storage object, usually one that was opened in priority mode. The storage object should be closed and re-opened according to grfMode. When the PyIStorage::OpenStorage method returns, pstgPriority is no longer valid - use the result value. If the pstgPriority parameter is None, it is ignored.

grfMode : int

Specifies the access mode to use when opening the storage object. See the STGM enumeration values for descriptions of the possible values. Whatever other modes you may choose, you must at least specify STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE when calling this method.

snbExclude : SNB

Reserved for later - Must be None

reserved=0 : int

Reserved integer param.