Resolve(hwnd, fFlags)

Resolves a shell link by searching for the shell link object and updating the shell link path and its list of identifiers (if necessary)


hwnd : HWND

The parent window of a dialog which will pop up if resolution fails.

fFlags : int

One of the following constants:

Value Description
SLR_INVOKE_MSICall the Microsoft Windows Installer.
SLR_NOLINKINFODisable distributed link tracking. By default, distributed link tracking tracks removable media across multiple devices based on the volume name. It also uses the UNC path to track remote file systems whose drive letter has changed. Setting SLR_NOLINKINFO disables both types of tracking.
SLR_NO_UIDo not display a dialog box if the link cannot be resolved. When SLR_NO_UI is set, the high-order word of fFlags can be set to a time-out value that specifies the maximum amount of time to be spent resolving the link. The function returns if the link cannot be resolved within the time-out duration. If the high-order word is set to zero, the time-out duration will be set to the default value of 3,000 milliseconds (3 seconds). To specify a value, set the high word of fFlags to the desired time-out duration, in milliseconds.
SLR_NOUPDATEDo not update the link information.
SLR_NOSEARCHDo not execute the search heuristics.
SLR_NOTRACKDo not use distributed link tracking.
SLR_UPDATEIf the link object has changed, update its path and list of identifiers. If SLR_UPDATE is set, you do not need to call IPersistFile::IsDirty to determine whether or not the link object has changed.