tuple = ParseDisplayName(hwndOwner, pbc , DisplayName , Attributes )

Returns the PIDL of an item in a shell folder


hwndOwner : PyHANDLE

Window in which to display any dialogs or message boxes, can be 0

pbc : PyIBindCtx

Bind context that affects how parsing is performed, can be None

DisplayName : PyUNICODE

Display name to parse, format is dependent on the shell folder. Desktop folder will accept a file path, as well as guids of the form ::{guid} Example: '::%s\\::%s' %(shell.CLSID_MyComputer,shell.CLSID_ControlPanel)

Attributes=0 : int

Combination of shellcon.SFGAO_* constants specifying which attributes should be returned

Return Value

The result is a tuple of cchEaten, pidl, attr


[0] int : cchEaten

the number of characters of the input name that were parsed

[1] PyIDL : pidl

specifies the relative path from the parsing folder to the object

[2] int : Attributes

returns any requested attributes