A tuple of items describing a dialog box, that can be used to create the dialog.

Win32 API References

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[0] string : caption

The caption for the window

[1] (int,int,int,int) : (x,y,cx,cy)

The bounding rectange for the dialog.

[2] int : style

The style bits for the dialog. Combination of WS_* and DS_* constants. Note that the DS_SETFONT style need never be specified - it is determined by the font item (below)
See MSDN documentation on Dialog Boxes for allowable values.

[3] int : extStyle

The extended style bits for the dialog. Defaults to 0 if not passed and None is supported for backwards compatibility.

[4] (int, string) : (fontSize, fontName)

A tuple describing the font, or None if the system default font is to be used.

[5] PyResourceId : menuResource

The resource ID of the menu to be used for the dialog, or None for no menu.

[6] PyResourceId : windowClass

Window class name or atom as returned from RegisterWindowClass. Defaults to None.