PyDCB Object

A Python object, representing an DCB structure


Typically you query a device for its DCB using win32file::GetCommState, change any setting necessary, then call win32file::SetCommState with the new structure. TRUE*/)


integer BaudRate
current baud rate

integer wReserved
not currently used

integer XonLim
transmit XON threshold

integer XoffLim
transmit XOFF threshold

integer ByteSize
number of bits/byte, 4-8

integer Parity

integer StopBits
0,1,2 = 1, 1.5, 2

character XonChar
Tx and Rx XON character

character XoffChar
Tx and Rx XOFF character

character ErrorChar
error replacement character

character EofChar
end of input character

character EvtChar
received event character

integer wReserved1
reserved; do not use

integer fBinary
binary mode, no EOF check

integer fParity
enable parity checking

integer fOutxCtsFlow
CTS output flow control

integer fOutxDsrFlow
DSR output flow control

integer fDtrControl
DTR flow control type

integer fDsrSensitivity
DSR sensitivity

integer fTXContinueOnXoff
XOFF continues Tx

integer fOutX
XON/XOFF out flow control

integer fInX
XON/XOFF in flow control

integer fErrorChar
enable error replacement

integer fNull
enable null stripping

integer fRtsControl
RTS flow control

integer fAbortOnError
abort on error

integer fDummy2