int = ModifyStyle(remove, add , flags )

Modifies the style of a window.


remove : int

Specifies window styles to be removed during style modification.

add : int

Specifies window styles to be added during style modification.

flags=0 : int

Flags to be passed to SetWindowPos, or zero if SetWindowPos should not be called. The default is zero.


If nFlags is nonzero, ModifyStyle calls the Windows API function ::SetWindowPos and redraws the window by combining nFlags with the following four preset flags:
* SWP_NOSIZE Retains the current size.
* SWP_NOMOVE Retains the current position.
* SWP_NOZORDER Retains the current Z order.
* SWP_NOACTIVATE Does not activate the window.
See also PyCWnd::ModifyStyleEx

MFC References


Return Value

The result is true if the style was changed, or false if the style is already the same as requested and no change was made.