SetPaneInfo(index, id, style, width)

Sets the specified indicator pane to a new ID, style, and width.


index : int

Index of the indicator pane whose style is to be set.

id : int

New ID for the indicator pane.

style : int

New style for the indicator pane.
The following indicator styles are supported:
afxres.SBPS_NOBORDERS - No 3-D border around the pane.
afxres.SBPS_POPOUT - Reverse border so that text "pops out."
afxres.SBPS_DISABLED - Do not draw text.
afxres.SBPS_STRETCH - Stretch pane to fill unused space. Only one pane per status bar can have this style.
afxres.SBPS_NORMAL - No stretch, borders, or pop-out.

width : int

New width for the indicator pane.

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