Nonzero if the function was successful; otherwise 0. Call this function to retrieve the device defaults of the default printer without displaying a dialog box. The retrieved values are placed in the m_pd structure. In some cases, a call to this function will call the constructor for CPrintDialog with bPrintSetupOnly set to FALSE. In these cases, a printer DC and hDevNames and hDevMode (two handles located in the m_pd data member) are automatically allocated. If the constructor for CPrintDialog was called with bPrintSetupOnly set to FALSE, this function will not only return hDevNames and hDevMode (located in m_pd.hDevNames and m_pd.hDevMode) to the caller, but will also return a printer DC in m_pd.hDC. It is the responsibility of the caller to delete the printer DC and call the WindowsGlobalFree function on the handles when you are finished with the CPrintDialog object.

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