A tuple of parameters to be converted to a CMINVOKECOMMANDINFO struct


[0] int : Mask

Combination of shellcon.CMIC_MASK_* constants, can be 0

[1] PyHANDLE : hwnd

Window that owns the shortcut menu

[2] int or str : Verb

Action to be carried out, specified as a string command or integer menu item id

[3] str : Parameters

Extra parameters to be passed to the command line for the action, can be None

[4] str : Directory

Working directory, can be None

[5] int : Show

Combination of win32con.SW_* constants for any windows that may be created

[6] int : HotKey

Hot key for any application that may be started

[7] PyHANDLE : Icon

Handle to icon to use for application, can be None