Dictionary containing information for a NT_CONSOLE_PROPS struct


int Signature
The type of data block, one of shellcon.*_SIG values

int FillAttribute
Character attributes for fill operations

int PopupFillAttribute
Fill attributes for popups

(int,int) ScreenBufferSize
Size of console screen buffer, in character cells

(int,int) WindowSize
Size of console window in character cells

(int,int) WindowOrigin
Window position, in screen coordinates

int nFont
Number of font to be displayed. See win32console::GetNumberOfConsoleFonts

int InputBufferSize
Size of console's input buffer

(int,int) FontSize
Size of font

int FontFamily
Font family

int FontWeight
Controls thickness of displayed font

str FaceName
Name of font face, 31 characters at most

int CursorSize
Relative size of cursor, expressed as percent of character size

bool FullScreen
Causes console to run in full screen mode

bool QuickEdit

bool InsertMode

bool AutoPosition
Lets system determine window placement

int HistoryBufferSize
Size of command line history buffer

int NumberOfHistoryBuffers

bool HistoryNoDup

tuple ColorTable
Tuple of 16 ints containing console's color attributes

int Size
Size of structure, ignored on input