LV_ITEM Object

Describes an LV_ITEM tuple, used by the PyCListCtrl object.


[0] int : item

The item number.

[1] int : subItem

The sub-item number.

[2] int : state

The items state. If specified, the stateMask must also be specified.

[3] int : stateMask

A mask indicating which of the state bits are valid..

[4] string : text

The text for the item

[5] int : iImage

The image offset for the item

[6] int : userObject

Any integer to be associated with the item.


When passed to Python, will always be a tuple of size 7, and items may be None if not available.
When passed from Python, the tuple must be at least 2 items long, and any item may be None.
userob is any Python object at all, but no reference count is kept, so you must ensure the object remains referenced throught the lists life.