Dialog Item Tuple Object

A tuple describing a control in a dialog box.


For further information, see the win32 SDK for documentation on the DLGITEMTEMPLATE structure.


[0] string/int : windowClass

The window class. If not a string, it must be in integer defining one of the built-in Windows controls. If a string, it must be a pre-registered windows class name, a built-in class, or the CLSID of an OLE controls. Built-in classes include:

Control Type String Class Name
Check BoxButton
Combo BoxComboBox
Command ButtonButton
List BoxListBox
Option ButtonButton
Text BoxEdit
Tool BarToolbarWindow32
Tool Tipstooltips_class32
Tree ViewSysTreeView32 The built-in windows controls are:

Integer Value Window Type
0x0083List box
0x0084Scroll bar
0x0085Combo box

[1] text : caption

Caption for the control, or None

[2] int : ID

The child ID of this control. All children should have unique IDs. This ID can be used by PyCDialog::GetDlgItem to retrieve the actual control object at runtime.

[3] (int,int,int,int) : (x,y,cx,cy)

The bounding rectange for the control, relative to the upper left of the dialog, in dialog units..

[4] int : style

The window style of the control (WS_* constants). Depending on the type of control, other constants may also be valid (eg, BS_* for Button, ES_* for Edit controls, etc).

[5] int : extStyle

The extended style of the control.

[6] string : extraData

A string of bytes used as extra data for the control. The value depends on the control.